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Who We Are

Chaz Briggs - Professional Goober
Tyler Woyshner - Amateur Hockey Player (at best)
Bryan Rudolph - Made it to the Igloo all 4 years!
Corey Pedersen - Guy who got run over by supply truck
Taylor Hynes - Rookie

Dylan Chesney - 2-year vet

Brett Woyshner - Hype Man


Please visit the "Our Team" page to learn more about past years' skaters and board members

The Goal
     Our goal is to raise money and awareness for cancer research. It is in memory of our beloved Aunt Vickie, who was a mother to us core skaters. For 2020, we will be raising money for the Hockey Fights Cancer Foundation, because of Oskar Lindblom. More information on this charity can be found on our "Donate" page.


For 2021 - We are looking for sponsorship's and/or a motivated group that would be willing to receive donations raised by Shore For A Cure. For these opportunities, please contact us.

The Reason(s)
 There never seem to be enough "good reasons" to donate to a cause, but here are a couple:

     - We have lost enough people and know enough strong-willed people who are more than worthy of receiving the help they deserve. By doing this skate, we can promote awareness of the importance of physical activity and staying fit, while raising money to help cure the 2nd largest cause of death. 

     - We have all lost someone to this epidemic. We will lose more. We are working towards the cure. We need your help. 

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