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Tyler Woyshner

Ty is like that infant you have that runs around the house naked even if there is company over. Honestly, this is the only picture I could find of Ty covering his nipples with anything. The helmet remains a daily thing - just in case he ever gets in that pretend fight he has been rehearsing at home since kindergarten.

Ty, now a 27 year old boy, who grew up in Moorestown, had his struggles growing up. I remember him trying to make friends on the bus by showing people his rat tail thinking it was a normal thing. 

Although not much has changed, the rat tail is gone and he now lives in Philly, where he likes to gamble and win on 2 man sack races regularly and tries to watch the light shut off as he shuts the door to the fridge ever so slowly.

FUN FACT - Tys drink of choice after the skate is a sex on the beach....NO ICE AND NO VODKA


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