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Bryan Rudolph

Bry is our long lost older brother who lives two time zones away :' ( And by older brother, I mean grandpa. He is old. Honestly, its a little creepy that he still hangs out with us youngins. His favorite vegetables are mushrooms...both kinds. His favorite snacks are gummy worms...again, both kinds. 

His claim to fame is only making it to the Igloo our very first unofficial Shore for a Cure skate. So, to make sure he keeps coming back, we made the Igloo our starting point.

Although he lives across the country, when he comes home its like we all never missed a beat. He is the life of the party and is for sure the first to hand you a beer as you cross the finish line.

FUN FACT - Bry eats more hot dogs alone than the whole group of skaters/bikers put together at Hot Diggity Dog



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