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Lodging & Transportation



     Very tricky this year with COVID. As of now, we will still have a little get together afterwards for a few beverages and some food...BUT EVERYONE MUST FIND THEIR OWN SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS THIS YEAR - sorry for any inconvenience.


     You are responsible for your transportation to and from the shore. We will have spare parts on hand in regards to bikes and skates. A flat tire will really ruin your day. If you have a faulty wheel or bearing, it could make things a lot tougher than they need to be, and we understand that. It is a good idea to get your bike to the shop and get some maintenance done to it a few weeks beforehand. We will have trucks and cars for your transport to the shore in case of a major malfunction. Getting home, however, is entirely up to you. It is best to have a family member, significant other, etc. to come enjoy the shore for the day and head on out later on. 

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