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Typical Prep Work

  • Skate

    • It is best to train for this skate like you would train to run a marathon. If you aren't playing some sort of roller hockey or ice hockey by June 1, then ​you need to start skating a few miles a day at least to get those feet working and get them used to the skates. Another item to keep in mind is that long distance skating and short bursts on a hockey rink are a completely different animal. Your legs get torched long distance. A lot of people have problems with the knees snapping up and down as this creates a strain on the outside tendon. This is a very uncomfortable feeling. 

  • Stretch

    • Stretching is major. Especially those hamstrings. Stretch everything you can every single day for a month before the skate. Like we said above, your knees are constantly pushing, pulling, etc. Your tendons, hamstrings, muscles are going to get worked like nothing you are used to. 

  • Run

    • Running is never bad for you. You will need to get your cardio game up if you want to complete this skate. ​If you don't like cardio, we wouldn't recommend this skate for you. Maybe bike this year and skate next year instead to feel it out. 

  • Squat

    • Squats are never bad for you to do either. Strengthen those legs with anything you can. Regardless if you're not doing it with weight or you are, it is going to help. Free-standing squats will be better than nothing at all. 

  • Core work

    • A good, strong core, will keep you going when everything else gives out. Your arms and legs are directly connected to your core. Also, you gotta be looking good for that dock pic at the end of the day!

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