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Brett Woyshner

Brett, little brother of Tyler, is absolutely one of our most balanced board members both athletically and academically. He has the arm strength of Bethany Hamilton from ‘Soul Surfer’ yet none of the surfing skills. He has claimed he’s watched National Treasure over 100 times but still couldn’t point out D.C. on a map.


Living on a college budget for 7 years, he needs constant reminding that putting hot sauce on blueberry Eggo’s is not fine dining. On a typical night you can find him detangling his leg hair on the dock of his Long Beach Island home.


On a more serious note, Brett is going to be the first one to cross the finish line during our annual race. He may not be the tallest guy in the picture when we all finish but he does have the highest education out of all the board members. He’s a natural leader with a sharp intellect that makes the doctor a great asset to the group.

FUN FACT - Brett hasnt grown an inch since 2003


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