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Corey Pedersen



You guys, if I write this too loudly, Corey will hear it all the way from Philly.

When Corey isn't hearing all the things, he is probably videoing himself picking heavy things up and putting them down. His love for fitness came at a young age, when he began walking only on his toes. I don't think that's how it works, but don't ask me, I'm no PT. Its gotta be the hair, or lack there of - I'm still no PT. Regardless, he is an absolute machine.

With that being said, gotta give credit where credit is due. Corey has the best attitude of pretty much anybody I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately for him, he has been the group punching bag forever and has just smiled and laughed through it all....No murder attempts, no fights, and he still hangs out with us - whether he likes us or not is a totally different question you would have to ask him personally.

FUN FACT - Corey would rather eat a spoonful of mayo than drink a beer.

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