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2020 Donation Goal:


2020 Reach Goal:


2020 Total Raised:


Who You Are Donating To

Hockey Fights Cancer/American Cancer Society - Flyers Affiliate - For Oscar Lindblom

HFC/ACS Information


Hockey Fights Cancer™ was founded in 1998 by the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA). Since its inception, the Hockey Fights Cancer™ program has resulted in donations of more than $20 million to support the cancer programs of local and national cancer research institutions, children's hospitals, player charities, and local charities.

Funds raised in support of Hockey Fights Cancer™ help the American Cancer Society (ACS), Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), and Movember support people affected by cancer, their families, and caregivers. Some of the many ways include:

  • Lodging – Cancer patients and their families often need to travel away from home to get their treatments, some lasting weeks or months. Fan donations to Hockey Fights Cancer™ help the ACS and CCS provide cancer patients and caregivers with a welcoming, caring place to stay when traveling away from home for necessary treatment in the US and Canada. In fact, funds raised through HFC during the 2017-18 season are helping ACS provide over 5,000 nights of free lodging for patients and their caregivers in the US.

  • Transportation – Getting to and from appointments can be a source of stress for many patients with cancer. To help relieve this burden, donations through Hockey Fights Cancer™ from the 2017-18 season helped ACS & CCS provide over 15,000 rides to treatment for patients.     

  • Round the Clock Support – Vital programs, such as the ACS 24/7 helpline, CCS cancer information service, and trustworthy information ( and to help answer questions and provide support for those affected by cancer.


What You Are Donating To

 - A cause. A grueling 55-mile skate. You are donating to a team of individuals who are giving everything they have mentally and physically when it comes to raising money for charity to end the epidemic that is cancer. 

When You Can Donate

 - You can donate any time of the year to either SFAC or Hockey Fights Cancer directly

**Where You Can Donate

 - You can donate via cash, check, or using the PayPal (friends and fam) links on this page. We also use Venmo. We strongly encourage donors to use the avenues stated above.

** If donating directly to HFC, we will not be able to see your donation - we thank you immensely, but we will never know.

Why You Are Donating

 - You are donating because, you, like us, want to see an end to cancer and want your loved ones to live a long and prosperous life.


 - “It is Health that is real Wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” - Mahatma Gandhi

The Impact     

     We are beyond grateful you are even on this page reading these words. Any monetary donation is extremely generous of you and we all thank you so much for giving to people that are less fortunate or just need some help. We could all use a hand once in a while.


2019 Donation Goal:


2019 Reach Goal:



2019 Total Raised:


2019 Donors

6/28/19 Dooney's Fundraiser

Over 100 Attended!!

Over $2,500 Raised!

The SFAC Team Thanks You! 

Woyshner "Casino Night"

The Woyshner Family

The Stewart Family

The Humes Family

The Pedersen Family

The Heisler Family

HB Construction

Matt Palladino

Joe Gregorio Sr.

Nicole Briggs

Don Stewart

Anna Tampellini

Robert Holmes

Mary Conroy

Chaz Briggs

Dylan Chesney

Shannon O'Brien

Tabitha Schnoor

Jeff Briggs

Tyler Pedersen

Tyler Woyshner

Corey Pedersen

Bryan Rudolph

Taylor Hynes

Kristine Bates

Brianna Welch

Joe Gregorio Jr.

Barb Rudolph

Kavon Bailey

Justin Cann

Matt Emerson

Mike Orzechowicz

Tim Miller

Riley Dunbar

Shane Brennan

Vanessa Hejnas

Mike Weaver Sr.

Mike Weaver Jr.

Jeff Beam

Jason Miller

Jacob Schrager

Glenn Edwards

Norina Vittese

Natalie Vittese

Brett Woyshner

Skylar Allen

Amber Thompson

Ryan Ezzi

Robert Moll

Ed Yurgin

Frank Holzer

Steve Ogden

James Mather

Nicole Bayer

AJ Paluszynski

Barb Witkowski

Curt Negri

Emilie Quinn

Missy Humes

Alfredo Favila

Joe Ehrline

Robyn Bednar - Hot Diggidy

Howard Griffis

Carson Griffis


Amanda Griffis

Jill Cardamone

Henry Manlove

Patricia Genevro

Bob Francisco

Lisa Rudolph

Lori Hendricks

The Olbrich Family

The Baird Family

The Santangelo Family

The Allison Family

Ben & Leah Smith

Mike & Miranda Mount

Mike & Brittany Anderson

Bud & Darlene Briggs

Bob & Bern Holmes

Joe & Susan Scannapieco

Mike Hynes Jr.

Samantha Tousant

Mike Hynes Sr.

Eric Oman

Heather Tomafsky

Ant Casale

Alec Nicolai

Quinn Nicolai

Kevin Anderson

Dante Nocito

Jared Ruff

Josh Hall

Robin Rothman

Andy & Helen MacBride

Kristen Cameron

Chris Welch

Ashley McCullough

Sam Booth

Karen Murphy

Jamison Anton

Nancy Friedman

Britt Paolella

Jess McCullough

Tyler Lukridge

Nick Baird

Chris Churchman

Alec Artosky

Adam Ferreira

Dom Mancuso

Cody Myers

Bill Malloy

Lindsay Mills

Nicole Massara

Toni Pastore Ritter

Nick Mastroianni

Elena Martel

Luke Howard

Lisa Rudolph

Paul Kotlyar

Andy Scott

Joe Bohley

Bill Kane

Alexandra Woods

Katherine Hartman

Dillon Gravenstine

Will Sulpizio

Kim Cloke

Carol Fischer

Sean Smith

John Adams

Sue Eppolite

Kim Beam

Amber Thompson

Jordan Wompierski

TJ Brennan

Mary Schlindwein

Alyssa Lukridge

John Dunne

Albert O'Brien

Kathy Aji

...and so many more

Thank You All!!!

2018 Donation Goal:

2018 Total Raised:



2017 Donation Goal:


2017 Total Raised:


2017 Donors

Dooney's Fundraiser

HB Construction

Chaz Briggs

Tyler Woyshner

Corey Pedersen

Erin Kitley

Chris Lowney

Elizabeth Idler

Jennifer Bassler

Jordan Wompierski

Alfredo Favila

Amanda O'Malley

Steve & Robin Rothman

Don & Reg Stewart

Dave & Debbie Lukridge

Chris Perry

Shannon O'Brien Kelley

Terri Jany

Rich Marciniak

Navez Mehta

Theresa Carlin

Sierra Pedersen

Michael Buonasorte

Andy & Helen MacBride

Alec Artosky

Joe and Susan Scannapieco

Ed Manlove

Barbara Schwartz

Jillian Raleigh

Mike Weaver

Ralph Gregorio

Riley Dunbar

Bryan Rudolph

Adam Ferreira

Will Sulpizio

Mount Holly Bicycle Cruise Ride

Hot Diggidy Dog

Jakub Voracek

Diane Furgal

Josh Hall

Barb Rudolph

Megan Booth

Dillon Gravenstine

Jamie Ackerman

Sam Savino

Kim Cloke

Norma McAllister

Donna and Vinny Ferraro

Michael and Theresa Patrone

Mike Mount

Ali Stuffo

Casey Marcinkiewicz

Sammy Booth

Lauren Phillips 

Jill Ackerly

John Paro

Missy Humes

Zara Nicolai

Jim Sheehy

Stacy Dickinson

Jessica Paro

Lisa Rudolph

Pat Swift

Sam and Mary Schlindwein

Justin Canney

Tamra Ciaccio

Bob Francisco

Jim Mikalic

Luke Mazur

Ian Edwards

...and so many more


From our Dooney's Fundraiser, Mount Holly Bike Cruise, and various donations out and about!!!

Thank You All!!!

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