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When is the skate? What time?

The 2020 skate will be held on July 17th @ 6:30AM sharp

Is there a sign-up fee?

For $30, you will have donated $10, receive waters/gatorade along the way, and all the food, drinks and beer you need at the finish line.

How long does it usually take?

Typically, it takes the fastest skaters around 4 hours to complete the route with about a half hour break at Hot Diggidy Dog.

Where can I donate? Monetary only?

You can donate here or you can donate in person before/after the skate to either any of the team members as they are in constant contact with Chaz.

What about sleeping arrangements?

Great question. Also a tricky one especially now with COVID. As of now, We will still have a little get together afterwards for a few beverages and some food...BUT EVERYONE MUST FIND THEIR OWN SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS THIS YEAR - sorry for any inconvenience.

Will there be Water/Gatorade during?

There will be a truck/possibly a couple trucks a long the route with water/Gatorade in nice, cold coolers. We will also have at least (1) spare cooler to put towels or anything else you may need to be cold during the skate. Can throw anything right in there. The Pedersens' usually bring orange slices and some other items as well. It is highly recommended you bring some sort of backpack/knee-sack bag with waters in them as the truck will be moving around a lot to cover all skaters in front and back of the pack.

What happens if I get hurt?

All skaters and bikers will be required to sign a waiver this year for various reasons. We will have a first-aid kit on hand and a knowledgeable team of dudes doing the skate that have been banged up before. The most common form of pain is from cramping. You NEED to drink water at least (7) days before this event. It is hot, the pavement is hot, and you will sweat out everything you take in. We will have mustard packets, but sometimes it gets the best of us, and you will need to stop. The trucks are there for that reason. There have also been a lot of blister incidents. Obviously, you need to wear the skates before you skate 55 miles. A lot. The only advice we can give is to suck it up and stick it out. You're doing this for a reason...keep going.

What happens if I don't make it?

We won't be disappointed, but you might be. Seriously though, it's a hell of a skate and an accomplishment and we think nothing less of anybody going out there and giving it their all. We usually only have 3-4 real finishers. Challenge Accepted. 

What kind of beer do I get at the end? 

Does it really matter? Cold motor oil is refreshing after that many miles. Don't worry about it, we will have an assortment. You'll be delighted.

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