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About us


Honestly, we are just a bunch of adult children trying to do some good in the world. 

This whole thing started in the summer of 2013 at Wesley Bishop in Moorestown, NJ. A group of us skated to Ritas and back to the rink, wishing we were down LBI. One comment led to another and all the sudden we thought skating 55 miles is a viable option - just to see if we could do it.

A month later and 4 of us set off on our first unofficial skate. We only made it halfway before the rain made us quit, but we knew we would be back for round 2. 

The next time, we knew we wanted to do it for a reason. In May 2014, our beloved Aunt Vick passed away from cancer. With that, we now had a very personal reason to skate, raise money, and awareness for cancer and so Shore for a Cure was born.

This little idea we had began to really blossom over the years. Our other friends all told us we were crazy at the beginning, but they all ended up wanting to make an attempt too. So, year after year we have had more skaters sign up - then we had people that wanted to bike and all the sudden the original 4 was now apart of a group of 30 that take part in the skate and hundreds of others that donate each year. 

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